The Covid-19 Pandemic

We have been privileged to work with several public health and city departments to create communications about the Covid-19 crisis our country is facing. Initially, it was frantic calls for donations of PPE, then information about financial resources for those in financial crisis, and finally messages about how to get vaccinated, and reports detailing the crisis response.

Philly Health Rankings

Philly Health Rankings Homepage Map

Living just a few miles away can decrease life expectancy by nearly twenty years. Many Philadelphians live, learn, work, shop, and play in neighborhoods that make good health difficult to achieve. Close to Home: The Health of Philadelphia’s Neighborhoods report and companion website provides comprehensive community health and well-being rankings for neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. These rankings elucidate which areas of the City are experiencing the poorest outcomes and facilitate targeted public health interventions and planning efforts to reduce health disparities in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Department of Public Health

This publication for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health focuses on health outcomes for black men and boys in Philadelphia and also highlights notable Philadelphians who have worked to improve both their own health and the health and circumstances of other black men and boys.

Scattergood and United Way

Working with United Way, Scattergood Foundation, and the Philanthropy Network, Maskar has designed a two-volume guide that helps funders understand how trauma contributes to poor health and social outcomes and provides ideas and examples for applying a trauma-informed lens to philanthropy.

City of Philadelphia

Maskar has worked extensively with various departments in the City of Philadelphia to help tell the story of the city’s residents. Making data approachable gives citizens and others insight into neighborhoods and communities. We have helped develop names, logos, infographics, reports, and websites to promote wellness and health initiatives amongst Philadelphians.