Improved outcomes for young people

Seeking to improve outcomes for young people nationwide, particularly for boys and young men of color, President Obama established the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) Challenge. The initiative asks local leaders to design and implement a “cradle-to-college-and career strategy” for helping those who lag behind. Maskar worked with The Mayor’s Office to develop the MBK Philadelphia report and collateral, which highlights the programs, initiatives, and policies that promote improved outcomes for boys and young men of color.




Healthier Rowhouses for Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s stock of rowhouses is an extraordinary asset which provides affordable housing to homeowners. The Healthy Rowhouse Project is working to improve the health and preservation of declining conditions to older rowhouses to improve housing quality.



A Fresh Look at Energy Efficiency

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) is a municipal authority organized by the City of Philadelphia to help reduce energy costs, enhance energy efficiency, obtain clean, renewable and affordable energy supply, and reduce energy consumption. Maskar helped develop their first report and executive summary, A First Look: The General Fund, which examines current energy use, the history of how we got here and makes recommendations for future improvements.



A positive future for Philadelphia

The Next Great City Coalition is comprised of more than 100 organizations dedicated to improving Philadelphia by advocating for policies that improve the environment, strengthen neighborhoods, and increase economic competitiveness. The coalition identified six key initiatives for the next Mayoral term beginning in 2015 and asked Maskar to design and develop the website that would launch those new recommendations.



New Name. New Brand.

The OMG Center for Collaborative Learning began as a nonprofit organization that provided strategic planning, evaluation, and capacity-building services for major philanthropies working in the social sector. 30 years later, their name had become an instant messaging abbreviation. The need for a name change launched a thoughtful and deliberate exploration of where the organization stands today and how they view their next generation of growth. The new name, tagline, logo, website, and collateral materials were a logical outgrowth of those discussions and in early 2015, the company became Equal Measure.