Since 1988, we have been dedicated to fostering collaborative and productive relationships with a wide-ranging roster of clients. We focus on helping you find your voice, distilling your message, and delivering design solutions that are strategically sound and beautifully executed.

Our Clients

You might recognize a name or two.

Our Team

We are a lean, mean design team that really packs a punch. Our combined expertise and skill sets position us to solve any communication problem across the design landscape.

Kate Maskar

Kate Maskar is the president of Maskar Design. Kate’s experience in the design and marketing business spans a wide range of industries, projects and mediums. Her experience includes policy publications, infographic design, special event promotions, corporate marketing materials, educational and political campaigns, trade and consumer publications, and consumer and business websites.


As a teenager, she sailed from Massachusetts to the Virgin Islands, where she learned to scuba dive, eat conch, and play pool (badly).

Lindsey Bell

Lindsey Bell is our front-end web developer and code magician. She specializes in developing standards compliant websites using the latest industry standards and technologies. She is adept at customizing open source content management systems to suit the needs of each client.


Lindsey got married in New Orleans after winning a free wedding online. ( See… Internet contest are real!)

Trish Hooven Brown

Trish Brown has 20 years of experience working in communication design and has developed numerous solutions for clients in print, identity, and digital media. She has also served as adjunct professor teaching branding, identity and marketing strategies at Philadelphia University.


Number seven out of eight, Trish is the only sibling to sidestep parochial school.

Ash Macri

Ash Macri serves as the key link between clients and members of our creative team. She is highly motivated, creative, and results-driven with over ten years of experience in design of print and website communications. Above all, Ash maintains excellent client relationships.


Ash has a secret ambition to donate her head to the Mutter Museum so she can be immortalized on their wall of skulls.

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