PEA Program Pages

January 2021

Site Refresh

We were excited to have partnered with Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) to refresh its website’s program pages. The section’s redesign comes five years after the launch of the site. As the programs continued to expand, the pages needed a refresh to help illustrate progress and highlights. The new design is more engaging, flexible, and reflective of the organization’s impact. 

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December 2020

Reporting Harm Reduction

Philadelphia’s Substance Use Prevention and Harm Reduction Division’s mission is to reduce the use and aid residents struggling with illicit opioids and other drugs. The Division’s Annual Report design highlights this data-driven statistical information through intuitive graphics, charts, and iconography.

View the full report.

Health of the City Report 2020

December 2020

Tracking Community Health

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s 2020 Health of the City Report describes the health and well-being of people who live in Philadelphia. As with previous Health of the City Reports, we designed the document to make the demographic summaries approachable and easy to digest.

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December 2020

Innovation Continued

Maskar completed the 2020 Year in Review for Penn Center for Innovation. The microsite and downloadable poster highlight PCI’s accomplishments during an unprecedented year. Our design approach paid special attention to the organization’s participants’ achievements in COVID-19 research and innovation. 

November 2020

Pandemic Response

When faced with the COVID-19 surges of spring 2020, Philadelphia marshaled the expertise of many agencies to create an emergency response system that would help the most vulnerable. Maskar designed this report to highlight the City’s initial response and chart the next steps for moving forward.

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