A Fresh Look at Energy Efficiency

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) is a municipal authority organized by the City of Philadelphia to help reduce energy costs, enhance energy efficiency, obtain clean, renewable and affordable energy supply, and reduce energy consumption. Maskar helped develop their first report and executive summary, A First Look: The General Fund, which examines current energy use, the history of how we got here and makes recommendations for future improvements.


Plan to Prevent Youth Violence

At a National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention a delegation of Philadelphia officials met with White House and Department of Justice officials and delegations from nine other cities. The meeting also served as the kickoff for Philadelphia’s strategic planning process, leading to the development of a strategic plan for youth violence prevention.

Working with the Office of the Mayor, Maskar Design created the design for the strategic plan summary publication that launched the city’s efforts.


What About the Girls?

Each year, Stoneleigh Foundation holds a symposium that serves as a way to expose our community to topics they believe need attention. The What About the Girls? infographic and program brochure looks at a variety of issues and risk factors.


Infographic Calendar(s)

It’s always a struggle to find a good end-of-year gift for our clients – we’ve made donations to good causes, sent cards, champagne or elaborately packaged thank-you gifts. Sometimes we’ve just thrown up our hands and done nothing (we still love you all, we promise).

Starting in 2009, we decided to go with a promotional calendar – no goofy cat photos, though*– this would be a calendar by enthusiastic infographic geeks. We chose topics we cared about, mostly with a Philadelphia focus, and explored different approaches to visualizing information – with maps, infographics and data-rich visualizations. Finally, something to give our parents that explains just what we do.

*We still have a cat calendar in us though.


Creating Efficiency Through Infographics

CBEI wants to transform the energy efficient market for existing small and medium size commercial buildings. They hired Maskar to turn data into compelling infographics that detail materials, technologies and tools that can be used to optimize building performance.