Avalon Nature Preserve

Avalon Park and Preserve is a nature preserve located on Long Island, New York. The goal of this project was to properly represent Avalon as a place where people can visit and enjoy the local environment with the understanding that nature and wildlife should be respected and protected. Avalon struggled with vandalization, visitors interacting heavily with the wildlife, and seeing too much human impact on the surrounding environment. Maskar presented alternative descriptors to replace park and preserve to reinforce a ‘nature comes first’ message and developed a logo/ branding system that accurately represented the Avalon experience.

Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (formerly EEB HUB)

The Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) is a multidisciplinary collaboration of universities, private sector technology companies, and economic development agencies formed to focus on developing solutions to address the energy efficiency in existing small- and medium-size commercial buildings. Over the course of the 5-year project, Maskar Design worked with the consortium to develop supporting educational materials, exhibit graphics, and a final report and website detailing the research, news, and technologies developed by CBEI partners during the 5-year project period.



Boomerang sells certified pre-owned furniture for offices and needed a way to explain the process to their customers. Maskar developed large format installations for their showroom, along with sell sheets and truck graphics, that explained to customers how they source, inspect, and sell the high-end product.