Penn Center for Innovation

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Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) is a one-stop-shop for technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. PCI works with faculty and students from the University of Pennsylvania to bring their inventions and ideas to life. Their old site lacked focus, was cluttered, and was challenging to navigate. We partnered with PCI to create an accessible site that showcased PCI’s services and innovative technologies.

The old site struggled to tell visitors who PCI is and what they do. PCI has a broad audience that fits into distinctive roles – faculty, students, entrepreneurs, and companies. To accommodate, we developed a homepage that tells users about PCI and includes four boxes to help users self-identify, leading them to relevant information.

PCI Metric

Key metrics appear throughout the site highlighting the organization’s achievements. Metrics can be updated manually or synced to internal reporting platforms.

PCI Success Stories

Success stories are a prominent feature of the site. Each success story highlights an individual start-up, technology, or member. The success story template is adaptable for the story’s content, including changing columns, embedding media, and expanded typography options.

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