The Covid-19 Pandemic

improving public health

We have been privileged to work with several public health and city departments to create communications about the Covid-19 crisis our country is facing. Initially, it was frantic calls for donations of PPE, then information about financial resources for those in financial crisis, and finally messages about how to get vaccinated, and reports detailing the crisis response.

Reaching out: In Philadelphia, the first order of the day was to tell people what financial assistance was available to them.

Addressing mental health: Working with Steege Thomson, Maskar developed the website. The site is a collaborative effort between Independence Blue Cross and the City of Philadelphia, produced within one week to provide mental health resources.

Campaigns to encourage safer practices: Working with Mecklenburg County Public Heath in North Carolina, we created flyers and posters to promote safer behaviors for families at Thanksgiving.

The Three Ws social media campaign graphics shortly followed and were released in 8 languages.

A map for the future: When the pandemic emerged, Philadelphia’s immediate response effort provided safe shelter and food for its most vulnerable citizens. Maskar designed the report detailing the city’s strategy for ongoing pandemic response.

Vaccines arrive: As doses arrived in North Carolina, Mecklenburg Public Health switched their social media campaigns to emphasize the current rollout phase.

Animated gifs grab attention across social media platforms, promote vaccine efficacy, and encourage eligible residents to sign up for vaccinations.

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