Brandywine Red Clay Alliance

Brandywine Red Clay Alliance was formed in 2015 when two watershed conservation organizations merged. Based on a 318-acre conservation center in West Chester, they work to preserve and repair the local watershed, engage volunteers in conservation programs, and educate future environmental stewards through classroom programs and a summer nature camp.

City of Philadelphia

Maskar has worked extensively with various departments in the City of Philadelphia to help tell the story of the city’s residents. Making data approachable gives citizens and others insight into neighborhoods and communities. We have helped develop names, logos, infographics, reports, and websites to promote wellness and health initiatives amongst Philadelphians.


Philadelphia Energy Authority

In 2010, City Council established the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) as an independent municipal authority with a focus on reducing energy consumption and expense in Philadelphia. Maskar Design has worked with PEA to create energy reports that detail ongoing initiatives and developed their website to put a spotlight on PEA’s programs and ongoing efforts.

Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (formerly EEB HUB)

The Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) is a multidisciplinary collaboration of universities, private sector technology companies, and economic development agencies formed to focus on developing solutions to address the energy efficiency in existing small- and medium-size commercial buildings. Over the course of the 5-year project, Maskar Design worked with the consortium to develop supporting educational materials, exhibit graphics, and a final report and website detailing the research, news, and technologies developed by CBEI partners during the 5-year project period.


Fairmount Ventures

Fairmount Ventures is an organization dedicated to helping nonprofit, philanthropic, and public agencies grow. Fairmount Ventures felt that their old website site was outdated and was no longer working for them. After staff interviews, discovery meetings and strategic conversations, we worked together to create not only a new and attractive website but a refreshed brand identity —resulting in a new logo and graphic system that gives Fairmount Ventures the tools to move forward.