Penn Center for Innovation

Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) is a one-stop-shop for technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. PCI works with faculty and students from the University of Pennsylvania to bring their inventions and ideas to life. Their old site lacked focus, was cluttered, and was challenging to navigate. We partnered with PCI to create an accessible site that showcased PCI’s services and innovative technologies.


Clarifi is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that provides financial empowerment to under-served communities through education and counseling. Maskar created a streamlined, minimalist design for their website refresh. Bold calls to action encourage users to schedule an appointment and begin the counseling process.

Philadelphia C-PACE

Philadelphia C-PACE

Administered by Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA), Philadelphia C-PACE is a financing tool that allows commercial property owners to borrow money for energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy projects.

Philly Health Rankings

Philly Health Rankings Homepage Map

Living just a few miles away can decrease life expectancy by nearly twenty years. Many Philadelphians live, learn, work, shop, and play in neighborhoods that make good health difficult to achieve. Close to Home: The Health of Philadelphia’s Neighborhoods report and companion website provides comprehensive community health and well-being rankings for neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. These rankings elucidate which areas of the City are experiencing the poorest outcomes and facilitate targeted public health interventions and planning efforts to reduce health disparities in Philadelphia.

StreetBox PHL

Every neighborhood should be able to create small, beautiful public spaces. That’s just what StreetBox PHL aims to make possible. Maskar developed the brand, website, and supporting white paper.