February 2019

Place Matters

Working with Azavea and Maskar, Scattergood put together a snapshot of the City of Philadelphia that ranks each councilmanic district for children’s health and well-being. Each Council district “card” examines both the strengths and weaknesses within the district and offers suggestions for areas of focus.

January 2019

Communicating Health

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Health of the City Report describes the health and well-being of people who live in Philadelphia. We designed the report to make the demographic summaries including health outcomes and factors approachable and easy to digest.

View more projects for the City of Philadelphia.

April 2018

Building a Campaign to Scale

To communicate their impact, we collaborated with Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) to create the 2018 Philadelphia Energy Report.  The report highlights the success that PEA’s initiatives throughout the community using bright colors, graphics and photography. See more work for Philadelphia Energy Authority.

February 2018

Guiding Philanthropy

United Way, Scattergood Foundation and Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia partnered again to publish the latest volume of Trauma-Informed Philanthropy. We were delighted to design the second volume in this series, which takes a deeper look at understanding and implementing trauma-informed practice. Learn more.

December 2017

Just launched!

We were delighted to work with Fairmount Ventures on their site redesign (recently relaunched); we helped them create a new logo and website five years ago and greatly enjoyed the opportunity to look again at their site, their clients, and their work. See more details.

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