October 2017

Go Solar!

Philadelphia Energy Authority launches their Solarize Philly website, allowing residents to quickly sign up for solar installation estimates. See more work for Philadelphia Energy Authority.

October 2017

Building Evaluation Capacity at Yale

YaleEval has helped numerous nonprofits in Greater Philadelphia learn how to conduct and use program evaluation to improve outcomes and effectiveness; we just released a marketing brochure to help them tell their story.

September 2017

Enhancing data

The Health Department just released the latest HIV surveillance report— an important tool for tracking public health trends related to HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia. We added small graph elements throughout the data tables to provide an at-a-glance read of trends. Explore other work we’ve done for the City of Philadelphia.

September 2017

A year of innovation

Maskar just completed a Year in Review microsite for Penn Center for Innovation, who needed an engaging way to highlight the year’s accomplishments and focus on how they are enabling new ideas to get to market.

April 2017

First then. First Now.

Penn LDI is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a health care and economics research giant. Working with Steege Thomson Communications, Maskar designed the brochure that illustrates LDI’s impressive history and explores key focus areas moving into the second half of their first century.

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