Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) serves as the regional planning agency providing guidance and assistance to build a sustainable and livable region. DVRPC plays a large role in developing with the Circuit Trails, an extensive regional network of connecting multi-use trails stretching for hundreds of miles within the Greater Philadelphia area. We worked with DVRPC to create a brochure and infographic to highlight DVRPC’s role in the Circuit Trails program and create awareness of DVRPC’s past success and capabilities.

Scattergood and United Way

Working with United Way, Scattergood Foundation, and the Philanthropy Network, Maskar has designed a two-volume guide that helps funders understand how trauma contributes to poor health and social outcomes and provides ideas and examples for applying a trauma-informed lens to philanthropy.

Brandywine Red Clay Alliance

Brandywine Red Clay Alliance was formed in 2015 when two watershed conservation organizations merged. Based on a 318-acre conservation center in West Chester, they work to preserve and repair the local watershed, engage volunteers in conservation programs, and educate future environmental stewards through classroom programs and a summer nature camp.

New Connections

New Connections Portal Background

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation created the New Connections program to provide research grants, networking, and skill-building to scholars who are historically underrepresented in research disciplines. Our client Equal Measure has served as the National Program Office since 2008, and we have worked with them to develop ongoing materials for the New Connections program.

Philadelphia Foundation

Founded in 1918, The Philadelphia Foundation (TPF) is one of the nation’s oldest community foundations. Their goal is to improve the Greater Philadelphia region through funding support for nonprofits, especially those serving and supporting vulnerable populations. Maskar Design has worked with TPF to communicate their strategy and vision for their second century, most recently through their latest annual report.