PEA 2018 Annual Report

October 2019

Energy Campaign Update

We collaborated with Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) to create the Philadelphia Energy Campaign – Year 2 Update.  The report highlights the success that PEA’s initiatives throughout the community using bright colors, infographics, and testimonials.

See more work for Philadelphia Energy Authority.


CEO Philadelphia Strategic Plan

October 2019

CEO Strategic Framework

The Office of Community Empowerment & Opportunity‘s Strategic Framework examines how CEO should evolve strategies to fight for economic opportunity and equity. Maskar designed the framework that communicates their purpose, strategies, and roles for moving forward.

September 2019

StreetBox PHL

Every neighborhood should be able to create small, beautiful public spaces. That’s just what StreetBox PHL aims to make possible. Maskar developed the new brand and website. Take a look at

March 2019

Prepping for the Future

Maskar worked with the West Catholic Preparatory High School to create its Engineering Technology booklet. This booklet promotes the school’s STEM program by highlighting its unique capabilities and partnerships. The brochure highlights West Catholic students participating in the program alongside inspirational quotes.

March 2019

Kauffman Learning Annual

Learning and continuous improvement are core values that drive work at the Kauffman Foundation. This brief summarizes four key themes from grant reports, external evaluations, and staff presentations to the Board of Trustees in 2018.

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